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Psychological Services

Qualified Healthcare Professionals use psychological testing to measure and observe an individual’s thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviors to arrive at a diagnosis and help guide treatment. Psychological Testing can be a key part of your treatment journey.

Testing Options

Personality Testing

Measures an individual’s personality characteristics, symptom levels, and/or daily functional capacity.

Cognitive Testing

Measures an individual’s intelligence levels, symptom levels, adaptability, and/or assistance with daily cognitive abilities such as social skills, speech, gross and fine motor skills, and development.

Neuropsychological Testing

Used when an individual exhibits symptom of an intellectual compromise and/or a neurological dysfunction. Neurological testing can also assist with evaluating executive brain functions and cognition, including; language, perception, memory, learning, problem solving, adaption, social functioning, and processing.

Who Can Benefit

Children, adolescents and adults can all benefit from Psychological Testing. You can’t pass or fail any of these tests and it is nothing that you can study for. Psychological testing is an opportunity to determine the best way to help you and to move forward in your treatment by providing valuable insights into your behavior, skills, thoughts and personality. Every individual has a range of competencies as well as limitations. We will help evaluate these competencies and report on them in an objective and helpful manner.

Arukah provides Psychological Evaluations to Law Enforcement agencies and Officer’sto better serve their communities. All new conditionally accepted Law Enforcement Officers and for all Law Enforcement Officers one time per year. These Mental Health Screening Evaluations (Public Act 101-652) has been a recommendation by Governor Pritzker. These evaluations and possible follow-up treatment recommendations are held strictly confidential.

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