Jessa Perrin

Recovery Support Specialist

Jessa Perrin joined the Arukah team to work as a Recovery Support Specialist. Some of her past work experience includes serving, bartending, and animal care.  In Jessa’s free time she enjoys playing the drums, going to concerts and writing.  She has 10 years of lived experience and has a passion for helping those who are currently on the road to recovery regardless of where they are in their journey. Jessa has found music to be one of her most important outlets as it allows her to express her creativity and create something of her own. She believes music and art can be very powerful tools to express oneself and process emotions and experiences. She firmly believes that the opposite of addiction is connection and she approaches those who are struggling with a genuine empathy and compassion that can only be offered by someone who has walked the same road. She understands that each person is a unique individual with their own story to tell and she wants to offer them a kind and safe environment to tell it. Jessa’s long-term goal is to become a certified Recovery Support Specialist as well as a certified CADC.

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